Comfy High Heels and Unicorns do Exist


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Cinderella and Dorothy both knew a things or two about shoes…the right pair can change your life! That’s why a friend recently gave me a mini heart attack when she posted a photo of herself on Facebook tossing a beautiful pair of blush pink high heels. She wrote that life was too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. Totally agree…but life is also too short to never wear heels again.

Come on, no one can argue that a fierce pair of heels will elongate your legs, make you look slimmer and give you tons of confidence. However, everyone has a story about hobbling home at the end of the day, regretting wearing those gorgeous heels. And those shoes now sit in the back of the closet.

Spoiler alert – beautiful comfortable heels do exist. My absolute favorite heels are the Madison 12-hour pumps from Banana Republic. They come in a myriad of colors and patterns at a price point of $118 – $128. Banana Republic is always running a sale, so chances are you can get anywhere from 30% – 50% off if you hit the right time to buy. A block-heeled version is also available for a different twist. Sadly, they no longer carry shoes in-store, so you’ll have to order online.

Trust me – you won’t regret getting a pair of these heels, which will feel great on your feet all day.

Ann Taylor also sells an amazingly comfortable high heel. The Tyler Suede Pumps are awesome! I have worn these while running around all day and although I can’t say they felt like sneakers, they were super comfortable. I always tend to go for the 3-4 inch height, but the line offers quite a few height options, including kitten heels and the on trend block heel.  Prices range from $128 – $138.

If you aren’t a heel person, wedges are the way to go. I own an incredible pair of rose gold wedges from Cole Haan that I have had for years. They have the company’s Nike Air technology which is basically the most genius shoe invention every. My wedges aren’t available anymore, but a similar option is the Tali Grand Lace Wedge. It is sooooo comfy and cute.

The price is hefty at $180, but it is a shoe worth investing in as you will wear it constantly with everything from dresses to jeans to shorts. Nordstrom Rack online occasionally carries Cole Haan wedges and heels for quite a bit cheaper than in-store. Although sizes and types can be hit or miss.

My best shoe advice is to find a pair that looks good, but also feels good. Take the shoes home and wear them around the house with a big pair of athletic socks. No – don’t leave the house or you’ll get laughed at. This is a technique to stretch out the shoes before you wear them so they are even more comfy. And, you all know my most important piece of advice…NEVER pay full price for anything!

But, if you have $285 burning a hole in your pocket, you can be the proud owner of a pair of unicorn heels. Hey – I said they existed, but I never said they were comfortable.





6 thoughts on “Comfy High Heels and Unicorns do Exist

  1. Diana Duda

    Fortunately you did not inherit your mother’s short wide feet. LOL For those who don’t know the authoress – the shoes you see above are just a very small portion of her collection. She has ALWAYS loved shoes and passed on this love of shoes to her two daughters. I have to admit – in spite of my harder to fit foot she saw my love of shoes as well. My mother always said that buying better shoes are a good investment. If you care for them they will last a long time.


  2. Lori Beckman

    Those unicorn heels are a TRIP! They’re almost like shoe art and not something that should actually be worn. You will be my inspiration to grow my shoe collection, though I’m a LONG way off from ever having something that resembles your closets!


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