Fall Fall Wherever You Are…


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It’s the first official day of Fall and I already miss it. By “it,” I mean Fall.  You know, crisp cool days where all you need are a fabulous pair of leggings (ones that subtly suck you in – Zella is pricey, but totally worth it!), a cozy cardigan and a fierce pair of boots. BootsThat’s my idea of Fall…not 90+ degrees heavy with humidity. At least not in the Midwest. This is the time of year where our region shines with changing leaves, football games and pumpkin patches. Instead, we’re sweating buckets and decked out in shorts and tank tops.

While I longingly stare at my boot collection and wait, not so patiently, for Fall to really arrive, I will head to the beach with my girls and embrace my inner child. The beach in September – yep – tough life. 🙂IMG_6614





One thought on “Fall Fall Wherever You Are…

  1. Diana Duda

    We are all stunned by these super hot days, but isn’t nice that you and the girls can still enjoy that beautiful lake? Just feeling blessed that we haven’t had heavy winds, fires or earthquakes. Soon enough it will be time to wear the cute clothing suggestions made. Love the new cardigans that are big enough to wrap around a child in your lap. 🙂


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